On June 21st 2018 we went on a family outing for the summer solstice to Minera mountain, Here we watched the sunset on the longest day of the year, Minera mountain gives an amazing view across Wrexham county, You can see the Cathedral and Police station, On the mountain we had a picnic, There were lots of sheep, They were very cute and there were also lambs (also cute), They came very close, but not close enough to stroke them, They must be strong to withstand the extreme cold which is due to the height. The experience inspired me to have this a a topic.

*Geography *Poem *History *Pictures


The name Minera has an unknown source with 2 possible candidates of the low latin Minerva for mine or the welsh possibility of Mwynglawdd translating roughly to ore mine, Minera was not a village by standard definition until 1620. Originally Minera was a lead and zinc mine, which is no longer in operation. There are fossils near and at the top of Minera mountain that belong to sea creatures, proving that originally the mountain was underwater, serveral hundred million years ago.