On June 21st 2018 we went on a family outing for the summer solstice to Minera mountain, Here we watched the sunset on the longest day of the year, Minera mountain gives an amazing view across Wrexham county, You can see the Cathedral and Police station, On the mountain we had a picnic, There were lots of sheep, They were very cute and there were also lambs (also cute), They came very close, but not close enough to stroke them, They must be strong to withstand the extreme cold which is due to the height. The experience inspired me to have this a a topic.


The name Minera comes from the latin Minerva for mine or the welsh Mwynglawdd meaning ore mine, Minera has been a village since 1620. Originally Minera was a lead and zinc mine, which is no longer in operation. There are fossils near and at the top of Minera mountain that belong to sea creatures, proving that originally the mountain was underwater, serveral hundred million years ago.


I drew this picture of Minera in the style of a painting

I drew this picture of a sunset on Minera also in the syle of a painting

This is a sattelite view of Minera



Minera is part of the Esclusham range of mountains which stretches to Llangollen and is over 1000 feet in height. The aerial map shows part of the range. There are many gorse bushes and bracken growing there.



Cats, the common house cat (Felis catus (or Felis Silvestris)) is a common house pet, being in my opinion, the best. Cats are Feliformia (Fee-lee-ah/uh-for-ma/uh), meaning that they have a specific biological structure pertaining to cats, and similar animals, also common is caninaforma (kay-nye-na/uh-for-ma/uh) pertaining to dogs.


Cats have some of the most intriguing and evolved biology i have ever known, it being incredibly practical, for example their spine being designed to turn their whole body up to 180 degrees mid-air, allowing them to land upright when falling, that coupled with their ability to land safely from heights of up to 8 meters, completely unharmed, they also have a detached collarbone allowing them to turn their head up to 85 degrees relative to their body allowing them to fit through incredibly tight spaces, they also have an amazing stomach with the acid being able to kill bacteria up to the point where they can eat raw non-fresh meat, cats also have retractable claws allowing for the ability to hold themselves onto walls tightly enough to not move, meaning they can climb along surfaces and even in some cases hold themselves to ceilings.Cats eyes are very unique among mammals, with internal reflective surfaces allowing them to see in the dark due to the increased amount of light hitting their rods and cones, also, unlike most mammals, cats, like humans, cats have 3 types of cones allowing themt to see 3 spectrums of colour, however unlike humans it is believed that cats see large portions of the red spectrum as greener colours such as yellow. They also have intriguing vocalisations, for example, purring, which has too many interesting and unknown properties to list, or meowing, which intrestingly is only used around humans and is not found within isolated groups of cats, on that topic, despite being solitary hunters and comparitively emotionally uninvolved pets, when isolated from humans they form incredibly complicated social structures involving intersecting groups of up to 18, though they do not function as packs like dogs, they function as groups rife with mutual distrust and changes of allegiance. One of the most critical amino acids in the cat is Taurine which is responsible for vision, digestion, preganancy, heart function and their immune system.