Useful french phrases

Je'mappele - My name is
Bonjour - Good morning
Salut - Hi (nonformal)
Comment allez-vous? - How are you?
quel est votre nom? - What's your name?
Où puis-je trouver - Where can i find (le resatu, Hôpital, poste de police, hôtel Reastaurant, Hospital, Police Station, hotel)
Où se trouve (Où est le) - Where is (where is the) (lavabos,phone toilet, phone)
Excusez-moi - Excuse me
Pardon - Pardon me
Aidez moi - Help me
Quelle est l'heure? - What is the time?
Je vis dans - I live in
je suis - I am (Anglais, une femme, un homme, l'enfant - English, a woman, a man, a child)
J'aime - like
j'ai (un) - I have (a)
J'aime - i like
Je mange une (pomme, orange pizza) - i am eating (a) (apple, orange, pizza)


I use a useful website called Duolingo which is a website designed to teach you another language, it is very useful and uses unique methods to effectively teach you the language of your choice, in my case, French of course.


Today i used Duolingo for an hour, i learnt about pronouns in french.


Today i used Duolingo for an hour and a half, i learnt many useful phrases in french.


Today i used Duolingo for an hour and a quarter and revised the basics and phrases.


Today i used Duolingo for three quarters of an hour and revised the basics and phrases.


Today i learnt about French greetings and also did the newly improved basics course as it has been updated, i covered animals, genders, foods, greetings and other phrases such as thank you and good night.

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