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Diary of a wimpy kid: The Getaway

Diary of a wimpy kid: The Getaway, is a book in the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Set during Christmas, the plot revolves around the haphazard Heffley family going to the beach resort, Isla de Corales.


The book begins with the main character, Greg Heffley talking about holidays and how they spent christmas, the book then covers their plane flight to the resort and the what happens when they arrive, after they arrive, they lose the majority of their luggage and find that the resort is now much different from their honeymoon and the best activities are not avaidable to them, slowly the problems start to become visible as sunsickness, stomachache, spiders and other problems start to become major issues at the resort, with walls collapsing the heffley family flee the resort and return home to find they've been banned permanentely.


This is a good book, i like it and hope that the series continues for many more books, overall i rate it 8.6/10, compared to the rest of the series, 9.1/10.

Diary of a wimpy kid: The Meltdown

Diary of a wimpy kid: The Meltdown Is the latest book in the Diary of a wimpy kid series, it covers the heffley family's winter.


The first half of the book covers a relatively uneventful winter with blanket disputes, writing about an unknown country, predicting the future, and odd weather, the second half however, covers the war between the two sides of the family's street, it covers the long snow war between the slope, and the flat, with forts, snowballs, tricks and inspiration from medeival castles, the entire street begins to fight, in the end, nobody really wins.


It's a great book, one of the more odd ones in the series, but well written nonetheless. 7.6/10 overall, and compared to the rest of the series.

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone is an amazing book, one that started the long lasting and amazing series, Harry Potter, giving birth to the career of J.K. Rowling, and even starting a series of films based on the books, this first book is truly legendary. The plot revolves around Harry Potter, a young orphan boy living with his abusive aunt and uncle, the Dursleys, not knowing the amazing history behind him and his parents, and not knowing what he would someday do for the wizarding world.


Harry Potter, the 10 year old boy, had lived with his unloving and hateful aunt and uncle Petunia and Vernon Dursley since his parents had died 10 years ago, in what as far as he knew was a car accident, which gave him his famous lightning shaped scar. However, in the days before his 11th birthday he had recieved a letter from the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, however he was denied from accepting it by the Dursleys, the letter was torn up, though more came, owls delivered hundreds of letters all hours of the day for days straight, after this began to happen, the Dursleys evacuated their house to go to somewhere the owls could not find them, however upon arriving, The half-giant Hagrid arrives and brings harry to the entrance to the wizarding world, where he can buy the magic supplies needed to enroll at Hogwarts, he buys these things with money withdrawn from Gringots bank, where his parents had left all their money to him.

After buying supplies, he heads to the train platfrom 9 3/4 to get on the train to Hogwarts, here he meets Ron Weasely, his soon to be best friend, they board the train together and eat essentially a small cars full worth of sweets, while on the train they meet the exceptionally talented Hermione Grainger, Harrys soon-to-be second best friend. after the train arrives at hogwarts, they first-years such as Harry enter the great hall, a beautiful and enormous room, packed with flying candles and great tables lined with every food known to man, it is in the great hall that the house the pupils will be in is chosen, Harry puts on the sorting hat and is put into the gryffindor house, as are Hermoine and Ron.

After sorting, Harry discovers he has an inate skill for flying, even with no prior experience, and he is made head seeker of Hogwarts broom flying ball sport, quidditch, soon after, the schools halloween celbrations are interrupted by a troll breaking into the girls bathroom, after the troll kidnpas Hermione, Ron and Harry manage to knock it unconscious. Later that day, theorizing that their potions teacher, Professor Severus Snape is trying to get past Hagrids 3-headed guard dog to steal the philosophers stone, Harry, Ron and Hermione decide to go after him, only to discover that it is not Severus, but in fact is Professor Quirell, acting as the servant of Voldemort and keeping him alive from unicorn blood and also using his own body as life support.


This is an amazing book and i would recommned it to anyone who wants to get into reading a good book, i would rate it 8.7/10.

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets is once again, a good book, it was the second book in the Harry Potter series, and is my personal favourite book of the series. The plot once again revolves around the story of Harry Potter and his friends. the book centers around the ancient chamber of secrets being opened by the ghost of lord voldemort.


On Harry Potters 12th birthday, The house elf, Dobby interrupts a meeting between the Dudleys, and the incident is blamed on Harry and his windows are barred, knowing this, Ron Weasely arrives in his fathers flying car and breaks him out of his house then he flies him to the weaselys house so he can go back to Hogwarts. After going on a trip to Diagon Alley, Ron and Harry miss the train to Hogwarts, and decide to take the car along the tracks to Hogwarts, however, upon arriving they crash the car into the whomping willow tree on the grounds, destroying the car and injuring the tree, after landing on the ground the car drives itself away into the forbidden forest.

Soon after this, Harry learns of the prejudice against mugggle born wizards within the wizarding world, then Filchs cat is found petrified and hung on the wall, along with the words "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware." written in blood on the wall, soon after A student is petrified, and during a defense against the dark arts lesson, Harry is found out to be a parsel tounge, meaning he can talk to snakes, and this causes suspiscion as to Harry being the one who is the heir and has opened the chamber, not long after, Harry finds a book which can talk to him through writing and it leads him to believe that Hagrid was the one who had released the beast that was petrifying the students, after hearing this, Harry goes to Hagrids house to ask about the monster, Hagrid tells him that the monster he released is in the forest, before he is arrested under the belief that he released the monster that is petrifying the children.

After hearing about the monster from Hagrid, Harry and Ron head into the forest, only to find the giant spider released by Hagrid who tells him that he is not the monster who is petrifying the children, and tells a small army of spiders to eat them, however, the car shows up just in time to save them both from being killed, after this happened, they went back to the castle to find that Ginny weasely has been taken into the chamber of secrets and Hermione has been petrified, after hearing this, the defense against the dark arts teacher is told to head in to the chamber to rescue her, however, Harry and Ron find him to be a fraud, and they head in to the chamber themselves, to find the basilisk and Tom riddle, the ghost of lord voldemort, to be working together, after knowing this, Dumbledores pheonix arrives to help, and brings a sword, after Harry stabs the basilisk through the head, he heads to help Ginny, when he realises that he can destroy the book to stop Tom Riddle, as he is formed from the horcrux that is the book, so Harry destroys the book, and kills Tom, saving Ginny, and Hogwarts, soon after this Hagrid is freed from Azkaban prison and the petrified students are saved.


This is an absolutely fantastic book, and i totally recommend it for everyone, it's definitely my favourite book in the series and i would rate it 9.55/10

Book questions

Romeo And Juliet

I recently read the Shakesperian classic, Romeo and Juliet, it's a very good book and the CGP version for GCSE that i have has questions at the back, here i will answer them.

Quick Questions

1 Find a scene where Romeo and Juliet are alone together.

Act 2, Scene 2

2 Which 2 characters does Romeo kill?

Tybalt and Paris

3 Give 2 examples of foreshadowing in the play

Romeo's dream near the end and The end of Act 3, Scene 3 when Juliet says she is married to death

4 Give an example of a scene with a lot of humour in it

Act 2, Scene 4

5 Pick a line which sums up the character of Tybalt

Act 3, Scene 1, line 133, "Tybalt, that murderer, which way ran he?"

6 What is the name of romeo's servant


7 Give 2 examples of imagery that Juliet uses to describe Romeo

Falconry and Birds

8 Name 3 characters who use puns in the play

Mercutio, Romeo, and Peter

9 Which 2 characters are related to the prince

Mercutio and Paris

10 Find 2 examples of stage directions

Romeo opening the tomb in Act 5, Scene 3 And in that same Scene, Juliet stabbing herself, and as an extra, Juliet laying down her dagger in Act 4, Scene 4

11 Find a part of a scene where the mood is sad

Act 5, Scene 5, The ending

12 Give 3 words that describe Merecutios character

Goodhearted, Volatile, Humourous

13 Find an example of a sonnet in the play

Act 1, Scene 5, Lines 93 - 105

14 Give an example of an oxymoron in the play

Juliets descriptions of Romeo after finding out about Tybalts death

15 Why does Romeo go to Mantua

He was banished from Verona by the prince

16 Find 2 occasions wher Juliet lies to her parents

She lies about wanting to marry Paris to her father, and about seeing the Friar for confession

17 Give 3 words which describe Paris

Proper, Persuasive, True

18 Find 2 scenes where a character talks about a dream

Act 5, Scene 1 and Act 1, Scene 4

19 Write down 2 differences between Juliet And Rosaline

Juliet loves Romeo, Rosaline does not, and Juliet is a source of great strife for Romeo, so their love is stronger to be able to keep the together

20 Find a scene which contains dramatic irony

In Act 2, Scene 6, Romeo tries to console Juliet by saying their love will persevere past death, by this point the audience know they will die

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