English Language

I decided to write a story for English Language, This is Part 1.

Part 1

It was late October 2018 when it happened, it would forever change the course of human history, and it wasn’t for the better. On the 22nd of October 2018 something shook the world, across the globe electrical devices just stopped, cold, dead stopped. Industry ground to a sudden shaking holt, Failsafes being the only thing stopping nuclear plants from going Chernobyl, people dropping like flies as pacemakers, Life support and planes shut down, from that point on, mankind were on their own. At first there was panic, chaos and death, slowly as those dependent on technology passed on, there were few left, millions, if that, as mankind struggled to regain it’s standing, years passed, and though it defies physics, nothing electronic would ever recover, slowly the futility of life set in as no longer were there rich oil deposits, ripe to be mined, society had collapsed and it couldn’t recover, so as their future was mulled, they decided, that they must wait, wait for as long as possible, and though they knew that millions of years would be needed for the wildlife to turn to oil, they knew they had to try and so as many years passed, children were born and taught that humanity had fallen and that they must wait millions of years to mine oil, and begin anew, but over time, it twisted, hundreds of years passed, and the old world was forgotten, and the words of those who lived in it were twisted, twisted as mankind twists all, to the point where instead of guiding words, it was a twisted cult, where the old world was depicted as a hellish underworld, a point of disgust, and hope of salvation sunk for mankind, as scientists and optimists gave way to cultists, and so humanity was doomed, or so it seemed.

August 4th 2987, Jason Cole was born to 2 ministers, an ordinary child, no different from any other, until one day, February 2nd 2999 he went for a walk in the societal badlands, an abandoned city the name of which was unknown. He was walking along, when he heard something, a strange whirring, unlike anything he had heard before, he walked cautiosly to it, and saw it came from a small semi-detached house, covered in plants and vines, he walked down the steps as the whirring got louder, still faint, but louder, as he stepped through the open doorway, he saw light, he went in to a room, and saw something impossible, it couldn’t exist. He saw a computer, still intact, and on, though plants had grown throughout the case, it pushed on, he slowly over several hours learned how to use the computer, and saw and infinite well of possibilities, the computer in fact had belonged to a doomsday prepper, who spent his time downloading websites and storing them, as he browsed the sites he was amazed, he had never seen anything so spectacular, it was astounding but before he could rush to show everyone, something happened, the computer, without warning, shut down, the fans ground to a halt, the computer, like everything else, was dead.


My cat is the absolute best
better than all the rest
and to that I can attest
He falls with ease from any height
he is a Guardian of the night
but he really is quite polite
My cat is the absolute best
better than all the rest
and for that I must protest