English Language

I decided to write a story for English Language, This is Part 1.

Part 1

It was late October 2018 when it happened, it would forever change the course of human history, and it wasn’t for the better. On the 22nd of October 2018 something shook the world, across the globe electrical devices just stopped, cold, dead stopped. Industry ground to a sudden shaking holt, Failsafes being the only thing stopping nuclear plants from going Chernobyl, people dropping like flies as pacemakers, Life support and planes shut down, from that point on, mankind were on their own. At first there was panic, chaos and death, slowly as those dependent on technology passed on, there were few left, millions, if that, as mankind struggled to regain it’s standing, years passed, and though it defies physics, nothing electronic would ever recover, slowly the futility of life set in as no longer were there rich oil deposits, ripe to be mined, society had collapsed and it couldn’t recover, so as their future was mulled, they decided, that they must wait, wait for as long as possible, and though they knew that millions of years would be needed for the wildlife to turn to oil, they knew they had to try and so as many years passed, children were born and taught that humanity had fallen and that they must wait millions of years to mine oil, and begin anew, but over time, it twisted, hundreds of years passed, and the old world was forgotten, and the words of those who lived in it were twisted, twisted as mankind twists all, to the point where instead of guiding words, it was a twisted cult, where the old world was depicted as a hellish underworld, a point of disgust, and hope of salvation sunk for mankind, as scientists and optimists gave way to cultists, and so humanity was doomed, or so it seemed.

August 4th 2987, Jason Cole was born to 2 ministers, an ordinary child, no different from any other, until one day, February 2nd 2999 he went for a walk in the societal badlands, an abandoned city the name of which was unknown. He was walking along, when he heard something, a strange whirring, unlike anything he had heard before, he walked cautiosly to it, and saw it came from a small semi-detached house, covered in plants and vines, he walked down the steps as the whirring got louder, still faint, but louder, as he stepped through the open doorway, he saw light, he went in to a room, and saw something impossible, it couldn’t exist. He saw a computer, still intact, and on, though plants had grown throughout the case, it pushed on, he slowly over several hours learned how to use the computer, and saw and infinite well of possibilities, the computer in fact had belonged to a doomsday prepper, who spent his time downloading websites and storing them, as he browsed the sites he was amazed, he had never seen anything so spectacular, it was astounding but before he could rush to show everyone, something happened, the computer, without warning, shut down, the fans ground to a halt, the computer, like everything else, was dead.


My cat is the absolute best
better than all the rest
and to that I can attest
He falls with ease from any height
he is a Guardian of the night
but he really is quite polite
My cat is the absolute best
better than all the rest
and for that I must protest
He sleeps in a castle of cardboard
There is no land he hasn't explored
And his fur is tougher than a bungee cord
my cat is the absolute best
better than all the rest
and with that i now shall rest

Poem 2

The doggo sat by some trees
And he enjoyed the slow, cool breeze
As he listened to the bees
He could ignore all the fleas
And he was finally at ease

Poem 3

Who knew you could smell a colour
Or at least be this close
Fresh, beautiful, purple
The smell of lavender is its own
it is the beauty that it holds
that brings such joy to thy spirit
the scent carries a feeling
and that feeling is joy

Song - Winter wonderland

Floating in a winter wonderland, snowflakes fly by, and all you can see is, a winter wonderland
step out into the snow, and feel the snowflakes on your face, and you'll know you are in, a winter wonderland
put on your boots, and your gloves, just open your eyes and you'll see you Truly aaaaare in, a winter wonderlaand
Oh, just feel the breeeze, and the snoow, and you will know the true beauty ooof, a Winter wonderland.

Poem 4

None shall be whole
All cracks
All divides
None remain truly one
continents shift
glass cracks
worlds divide
as ours is soon to do

Poem 5

Artificial beauty, grace and imperfection
And natural beuaty, slugishness and perfection
harmony throughout, smooth clean motions
building upon an infinite series of the known
and discordant jagged movements
laced into an infinite unknown world
all unharmoniously colliding in a stream of corrupted land sea and sky
artificial beauty blindly erasing that which came before
and natural beauty, aged and knowing
with no power against a myriad of endless beauty
beauty starved of truth and nature
its corrupted beauty ever lasting
never returning like all before it has

Poem 6

Great green grass
fine free fjords
spry showered sheep
and beautiful bright skys
Windy wet Wales is a beautiful place
Skys rich with cloud and sun
Ground rich with mineral and vegetable
and a proud and proper people
and these are the things that make Wales Wales

Story 2

"7hiz C0mPvT3r 5yZ7eM h4z B33n 1n C{}Nt1n0vz 0p3Ra710n F0r 3296 CoN53cv71V3 Y34rZ" The computer awkwardly blurted out, He couldn't believe his ears, though he could hardly understand what the computer said he got the general gist of it, after tweaking the voice protocol circuits a bit he asked again, "Computer, how long have you been online?" the computer let out a short beep and said "Th1s compvter sy5tem haz been 1n c0ntinuos operat1on for 3296 con5ecutive y3ars." the terrifying implications of what had happened sunk in, he had been in statis for over 3000 years, everybody he knew was long dead and as best he could tell he was adrift in space, he knew he had to find out more before he could jump to conclusions though, even though this was one of the most advanced computers on any ship in service (at least it was) there seemed to be a good deal of damage to the computer and the internal chronometer easily could have been damaged, he knew it wasn't likely that the computer was totaly wrong about the date but he held hope that it was atleast partly wrong, he decided to break out of the stasis labs and investigate what was happening in the rest of the ship.

He propped the broken automatic door open with a piece of the inner hull that had broken of the wall, as he went through the unlit corridors he couldn't help but think about his predicament, the ship was moving at full speed when he went into stasis, he could be light years away by now, even though the engines surely ran out of fuel eventually the reserves would have lasted up to a month of full speed, and the ship couldn't have crashed into a planet or it would have been destroyed totally, it was obviously in a state of disrepair but it probably was damged by both the attack and asteroids as the deflectors were offline. as he was heading to engineering to check the sensors and the computers internal chronomteter, he came across a body, and it confirmed his worst fears, the body had decomposed comletely leaving only a skeleton and a few shreds of cloth, after checking their name tag he found out it was the first officer, James Faltry, he never knew him very well but the sight of the the old skeleton instilled a deeply set evolutionary fear into him, he slowly moved away, deciding to take the longer route rather than trying to move around the body.

As he stepped into the Emergency Navigational Acsess System (ENAS) coridoor the situation began to truly set in, he sat down to think things over for a minute, as he came to terms with what had happened. Everybody he had ever known, even people who weren't on the ship were were long dead, even newborn babys or newly concieved children yet to even develop beyonf the stage of being more that single cell, were all long gone, living their lives, having children of their own and dying all while he was just lying in stasis, he sat for a few minutes more thinking it over before continuing on through the corridor.

Eventually he arrived in Engineering, the entire Spatial Warping Engine system had been totally wrecked, the impulse drive fusion buffer was coated in a thick layer of rust, and almost every other system was in a state of total disrepair, he deicided to try and find a working console so that he could pinpoint his location with the long range sensors, after finding a mostly functional console, he tried to acsess the sensors when he found that the Isotope Linear Access System (ILAS) was totally destroyed, he had no way to connect to the sensors short of wiring them straight into the console, and the voltage difference is huge, he sat thinking for a while before coming to the conclusion that the sensors were not an option, this surely wasn't a problem though, he was on a state of the art ship, there was a wealth of advanced technology at his disposal, he just had to find a way to use it all, he just had to wait for inspiration to strike, he just, had, to, wait.

To be continued

Story 2 - Part 2

He sat next to the broken console for hours, trying to think of any way he could figure out where he was, he was considering the possibility of constructing a new sensor array with parts from the central computer core when suddenly it hit him, food, what was he going to eat? all the food reserves and emergency ration would have rotted away to nothing hundreds of years ago, he had water atleast as emergency supplies were stored in airtight sterile containers, so he wouldn't thirst do death, but he could only go so long without food, he was deeply concerned by this, he knew the stasis technology wasn't foolproof and because it involved using temporal manipulation to hold the brain slower than the rest of the body, the body would only slow down by about 10,000x in prototypes which was tiny for the amount of time he was in stasis, he could feel this as his body likely experienced at lest 12 hours of time if not much more, he decided to try and get some water before he continued as his throat was bone-dry, as he went towards the engineering bays emergency storage, his situation suddenly hit him, he was lost in space, maybe light-years away from earth with no food and limited water, as he sat drinking the water from the emergency compartment he shed a fair few tears as he contemplated what he was going to do.

After he finished the can of water he was drinking he decided to take a nap, due to fact that temporal stasis often took a large toll on the body due to various minor factors that added up over time, he knew the stasis technology he had used was much more advanced than what he had seen before but it still wasn't perfect, he plodded through the smashed up corridors that were illuminated by dim flickering lights, he stepped up the crew quarters complex entrance and pried it open with a piece of scrap metal as the automatic door sensors were long gone but suddenly he was hit with a blast of air from behind him as everything was sucked through the door, he was very confused until he looked around the door frame and saw the door let to open space sucking out the whole contents of the corridor out the ship, he slowly stumbled away through the flowing air up to the next door which he sealed shut, he slowly got down on his knees an cried, traumatized by the experience of open space, as well as the fact that life support was now compromised, the ship used high pressure oxygen containers to regulate air throughout the ship, as long as nothing drained the oxygen the air would stay steady as the life support system was designed as simply as possible to prevent malfunction, eventually he just laid down and slept in the corridor, he just couldn't handle this.

He awoke painfully aware of his situation, his back aching from the angle he slept at, he went back to engineering to try and think things over, he sat down and ran over everything in his head, he was 3000 years in the future, light years away, he had li- suddenly he realised, the spatial warp engine, it could theoretically traverse light years in weeks, theoretically, theoretically, thee oh reh tih call leee. he whispered as he planned on how he could fix it up, he knew he had to try, but how could he aim the ship? short answer, he couldn't, there was no way at all, but the mere thought of getting anywhere near earth brought a smile to his face after what's happened to him so far, so he got to work, he opened a GPF (Graphical Planning File) on the console he had and he began to think things through, the spatial warpin- (Warp drive essentially) works by separating the space time of the area around the ship into a bubble that can exist independently of the entire universe, the entire engine system was essentially just a reactor to generate the enormous amount of power needed, and the field coils, all he had to do was make sure of 2 things, 1, the field was properly calibrated so as not to just destroy the entire ship and 2, that the power didn't cut out as that would also destroy the ship since the ship requires the warp bubble to exist out of normal space time, these were both enormous challenges, even the best scientists in the world working with pristine factory-fresh parts, had only gotten minimal success, the only reason he had any chance was that this ship was equipped with a new warp system that was theoretically more stable than older versions, but the ship had been sent out specifically to test the new drive, this meant that there was little to no chance of success as the drive was totally new, and wasn't even ready to be tested yet, if the best minds of the E.U.M (Earth united military) couldn't get it to work, what chance did he have, with 300 year old broken down parts, the answer? shut up, that's the answer, he was too excited to let any kind of pessimism effect him, he set off to fix the drive immediately.

To be continued

Poem 7

Gears turning gears
in an infinite matrix of twists and turns
spinning in an eternal dance of perfect harmony
the graceful mechanical glory of the clockwork mechanism
turning the cogs of human society
metaphorically and literaly
the eternal twirl of clicking cogs
is forever a reminder of human ingenuity

Story 3

The blast wave incinerated everything within a radius of 100 kilometers it created a crater half a mile deep, shooting tonnes of ash and dirt into the sky, it was chaos all across the world, riots and looting in every major city, but aside from the crime sprees nobody died, and for one simple reason, the meteor had hit mars causing an eruption visible from earth, catapulting thousands of kilogrammes of rock and dust and dirt into the air, people with telescopes watched in awe and terror as over 300 kilometers of martian land was destroyed and blown across the surface of the whole planet. some people took as some kind of religious omen, others thought it existentially dreadfull, some even just thought it was cool but most took minimal notice, caring not that a meteor hit some planet, but they would have been wise to have taken more notice, because soon martian dust was raining across the skies, surrounding the whole earth in a thick black cloud blocking out the sun almost completely worldwide, throwing earth into an ice age that would last for decades, this time nobody could ignore what was going on, so many problems hit at once, a food shortage, a power shortage, worldwide winter, mass panic; the world was thrown into chaos, people prophesised the end of the world with people worldwide going hungry as the stock of the last supermarkets ran dry, plants and animal all died from the disruption of the food chain at the lowest level and humands were no exception, with the death toll rising into the hundreds as riots, food shortages and suicides killed more and more people, until something unexpected happened, across europe gravity became lower and lower until it hit 0, but it didn't stop there people ran (er... floated) across europe screaming in terror thinking the earth was going to turn inside out or lose gravity totally until somebody realised, it was mars, the impact had moved mars's orbit pushing it towards earth, pretty soon the atmosphere bagean to heat, and soon, people began to be able to see mars push through the atmosphere lighting it on fire in the outer layers, making mars essentially a planet sized fireball allready touching earths atmosphere people were feling the efects worldwide, across Africa people were pulled sideways, hundreds of miles, and on the opposite side of the world from mars, people were crushed by the gravity of earth and mars together, by this point nearly 2.5 Billion people were dead and tidal forces had raised sea levels by nearly 50 meters, with tidal waves 15 meters high, even people in the deepest bunkers wouldn't survive the impact, with only hours until the earth and mars began to shatter together, with half the world frozen from the lack of sunlight and the other with skys burning from the friction of the combined atmospheres. within minutes mars had touched down into the surface of the earth, shattering the crust into fragments of miles, making cracks several hundred feet wide, and soon those cracks had spread across the entire surface of both planets, creating an amazing explosion of cosmic events, with milions of fragments flying hundreds of miles away spreading across the entire solar system, and with this humanity had ended, in a fiery explosion that had happened totally beyond human control, ending everything, forever. The End.

WW1 Poem

Whizz, Bang, Fwoosh, Ting, Phwoar
The sounds of war shake a person to the core
A deepest terror lies within
An eternal dread knowing that,
that little trigger that you pulled,
could be the last thing that they know
a fleeting thought that if,
you never did what they said,
they might have lived another day
forever knowing it wasn't right
a human soul, lost forever
another body in the ground
another one, another gone

Misc. english

Root words

Root words in English are words that others stem from, a good example of this is the word 'autobiography', this word has 3 Root words, 'auto', 'bio' and graph. 'auto' means self, 'bio' means life, and 'graph' means chart or record, and thus 'self life recorded', these root words also have other words that stem from them. take 'bio' for example, the words 'biological', 'biology', 'biography' and 'biopsy' all stem from the root word 'bio'. Root words can be found in many words, such as 'switchbox' (switch - box) and 'keyboard' (key - board).

Book studying exercises

I have been reading a GCSE English book recently. In this book there are several points where it says to write something on a piece of paper, i however, have elected to write these on this site. These exercises are below.

Fictional letter to Grandad

Fictional letter in response to letter from grandfather in Collins GCSE english book page 5:

Dear grandad

Thank you a lot for the money, i spent it on some games for my games console, i bought 3 games with the money, and i still have some left over. As for the news, not terribly much has happened since i last sent you a letter; everything here has stayed more or less the same. That's mostly because i've been sending you so many letters lately, but my birthday was very fun, there was a terribly big cake, we didn't even manage to eat the whole thing, i got lots of presents too (and thanks to you, got a few of my own.). i had lots of fun in general, we also played a few party games. It's a shame you couldn't come, but i hope you're keeping well, and having some fun of your own.

Lots of love, Grandson

Writing correction of text

Correction of bad grammar, spelling and punctuation in snippet of text

My first experience of Bingley Park Library was when i was five. My grandmother (who was an avid reader), visited the library every week and always borrowed four books. She read more or less anything, but she especially liked detective storys, gardening books, and film stars' biographies. Naturally, she wanted the rest of her family to be as enthusiatic as she was about books. As soon as i could read, me and her marched down to Bingley Park. It was an imposing and rather frightening edifice for a child of five and the librarian, Miss Maloney, was just as imposing and twice as intimidating.

Key Technical skills: Writing test

Today i did a test on the 'Key Technical Skill' of writing, i got 32.5 Marks out of 40. So I hope to do much better in future, as i made a few silly mistakes.

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